The Letter League
is a project created by type designers David Castillo and Victoria Bellavia. Each week the pair challenge one another to hand-letter (no fonts allowed!) a word that can be combined with another, to create an entirely new word.
Every week, we choose a word together, and break it in half to illustrate on our own. On Friday, the word comes back together again.
The goal is to see what happens when David and Victoria combine their styles into
one mishmash, every friday morning.
Ship(Wreck) - Hand drawn, and digitized.
Pin(stripe) - hand drawn, and digitized.
Straw(Berry) - Hand drawn and digitized.
Type(Writer) - Hand drawn, Spraypainted on wall, and Photographed. Shout outs to my homie Demitrios for the spot!
Candle(light) - Hand drawn and digitized.
Honey(comb) - Digital illustration.
Hammer(head) - Hand drawn calligraphy, transferred to rubber stamp and printed on paper, and digitized.
Hammer(head) - rubber stamp detail
Head- from 'Hammerhead'
Arm from 'Crankarm'