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    Reskate for the "We are all in!" exhibition in Cosmo Gallery. Ballpen on wood. Barcelona, 2013.
"Reskate Jope - We are all in"
Ballpen on wood.
Barcelona, 2013.
Two years after the first exhibition, Reskate comes back to Barcelona with 25 new reskates made by artists that are leaving a mark on the city. Skate, recycling and illustration result on a collective project that shows the spirit of urban culture in Barcelona. We are all in!

Reskaters: 1. Paula Bonet 2. VWorkshop 3. Alex Ferreiro 4. Cristina Spanó 5. Isaak Malakkai 6. Emil Kozak 7. Daniela Carvalho 8. Monsieur Madame 9. Chamo San 10. Guim Tió 11. Mil Vietnams 12. Ester Ferruz 13. Bandid8 14. Elena Vera Solodovnikova 15. Marcos Cabrera 16. Vasco Mourao 17. Urikane 18. Jope 19. Sergio Mora  20. Les Golfes 21. Javier de Riba 22. Minuskula 23. Oscar Delmar  24. Hanako Mimiko 25. Nestor F.
Reskates in the exhibition in Cosmo Gallery, Barcelona. (Picture: Franelamagazine.com)
Exhibition in Cosmo Gallery.
The Reskate in the exhibition.
Reskate process picture.