My Art 322 final group project. We repurposed plastic grocery bags for a typographic installation. We also tripped on stuff a lot.

The original idea was to take used plastic bags and create hollow,airtight letterforms out of them and float them up to the ceiling ofthe University at Buffalo's Center for the Arts. There were, however,three problems with this. First and foremost was the fact that thefifty-three double ply bags we initially ironed together were two heavyto float, and weren't airtight anyway. Second, we were informed,literally an hour before we were about to launch ournow-balloon-powered sculpture, that sensors would set off an alarm ifit touched the ceiling. Without having a ceiling to rest up against,the unevenly distributed helium distorted the letters which were nowsimply tethered to chairs with fishing wire. And third, after finallyarriving at a passable solution, someone came along and told us thatusing helium in our building was against "regulations." So overall,this really didn't turn out a whole lot like how we intended. But for afew hours, we managed to transform the CFA into a less rigid andsterile place, and that was good enough for me.

Here's a Vimeo link for a higher quality video.