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2013 Portfolio
Fine Arts
Digital Art
Four Poor  24" x  36"
Production Dates 1-16 /2-23
Five Versions : One hundred Fourty Two Iterations
Originally the landscape was pursued as a horizontal piece (Four Poor - Landscape), although it became apparent that this format was too restrictive for the image set so it was decided to rotate the piece to vertical. The Four Poor - Banner series starts at this point. The image took some time to evolve into something independent ....  <<  continue to this posting  >>
JFK Transformations 18" x 24"

Production Dates 1-3 / 3-31
Series Total - Twelve Versions : Two Hundred Eighty Five Iterations

The JFK series started in December (2012) and the very first part of that series has wrapping up at the beginning of the year so I continued exploring that. The larger series arc that included The Napoleons, The JFK Transformations, The Conclusion and Selected Failures. 
The wreath on (Emperor) Napoleon’s head started to remind me of Kennedy’s presidential portrait. Eventually I decided to use the Kennedy portrait. It was cropped above the eyebrows (so there was no top to the head) in order ....  << continue to this posting  >>
Pari Delicto  28" x  37.5"
A horizontal split was placed in the middle of the plate (it appears in every version), over time the top become populated with the "Chickorn Feed” graphic and the bottom with the Knorr chicken. This procession is interesting to watch ....  <<  continue to this posting  >>
Pari Delicto 2  26.25" x  33.75"
Act One (Of A Three Part Series)
Production Dates 5-18 /8-13
The idea of using existing art as a commodity to fuel the development of my work is a fundamental concession, it is necessary to understand my work. The ease of consuming and integrating images is a unique benefit of working....  <<  continue to this posting  >>
Pari Delicto 2  26.25" x  33.75"
Act Two (Of A Three Part Series)
Production Dates 5-18 /8-13
Series Total - Seven Versions : One Hundred Sixty Two Iterations
Part two of this series focuses on the introduction of the Rabbit and Verrocchio Madonna.
Originally I wanted to create detailed studies of the head and hands. Unfortunately the source material use for the ballerina figure was very low-res and did not provide enough information to work form. I used Verrocchio’s...  <<  continue to this posting  >>
Pheonix 341 18" x  24"??
Seven Versions : Eighty Nine Iterations
The image set used for the piece deserved a deeper exploration. There were several impasses during the work when I had to adjust the direction just to keep the ballerina image at all. I don’t think this reduced the works value as much as it... <<  continue to this posting  >>
RePheonix 341 18" x  24"??
Two Versions : Thirty Four Iterations

RePhoenix is the continuation of its predecessor Phoenix 341. The format was changed to something close to a square, which I personally find to be one of the more challenging aspect ratios to undertake. This incarnation of the image sets focused on balancing gestural washes against graphic elements in general, where Phoenix ....  <<  continue to this posting  >>
2013 Portfolio