Breaking away from his former “laid back” style this new EP continues the trend already hinted at in his recent remixes: Still present are the hypnotic loops and deep atmospheres, but the setting has changed from the lounge area to the main stage. "I don’t consider it a complete change of style, but the new songs definitely feature a heavier more distinct sound”. 
The artwork is a collage of digital and analogue soundwaves. Portraying the layered music of Arts. As before, the songs are compositions rather than beats. And so the artwork is a composition rather than an image.
Remixes come courtesy of upcoming talent Sam a la Bamalot, whose version of Moebius’ Travels explores the harmonic possibilities of the main melody in the original, and Flako, who delivers a stunning remix of IL404 with his trademark sound and vocals.
You can order the vinyl here
All water textures were shot in a fishtank with a little speaker wrapped in plastic and RGB lamp.
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