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Figment offers beautifully furnished boutique homes, a thoughtful and refreshing take on co-living that turns handpicked spaces into vibrant platforms for local art, design and architecture. First launched in beautifully restored shophouses in its home city of Singapore, each Figment home is designed and decorated to reflect the personality of a local designer, offering residents their own piece of the city-state’s history and local flavor. 

We worked with Figment to turn each house into a home, through an expandable logo and brand system that references the unique roofs of Singapore’s heritage shophouses – and any new cities and locations on Figment’s horizon. In partnership with local craftsmen and makers, we developed specially curated welcome kits to make new residents feel right at home. The branded collaterals adopted architectural and graphic elements found in our local heritage, while the sticker stamps add an extra layer of fun and brand engagement.

The expandable logo is inspired by the unique roofs of different homes in various cities and locations Figment plans to expand to. The branded collaterals and the guest's welcome kit adopted architectural and graphic elements found in the shophouses as well as local heritage and culture of the city.
The sticker stamps are a brand element that could be flexibly used in any of the collaterals to activate the brand, so that it's also fun and more engaging.
On-going collaborations with local artisans and brands to create more immersive local experience for the residents.
Branded merchandise are also designed to complete the brand experience.
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