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SteelSeries Arctis Series Gaming Headsets

Steelseries Arctis Series
Award-winning gaming headsets
Client : Steelseries
Pick your weapon

The Arctis 3, 5, 7 and Pro headsets are designed for endurance gaming. Every detail from the 
ClearCast microphone, the earcup's cool-weave material, the adjustable, wide elastic headband
to the buttons and the vol key has been tested and prototyped to fit > 99% of gamers.
Comfort is key

The elastic fabric headband perfectly distributes the headset’s weight and eliminates
 pressure points - a detail you'll love when you are 7 hours deep into your favourite game.

Getting sweaty? We've solved that by draping the cups with cool-weave meshed fabric for 
superior heat dispersion, and the headband is so light it simply lets the air right through.

ClearCast Noise Cancelling Microphone

The Arctis ClearCast microphone uses a bidirectional design, the same used by aircraft 
carrier deck crews, for superior noise cancellation so that your voice sounds clear and natural. 
And if you use your headset outside for music, just push the microphone back in place.
Make it yours

The Arctis Engine gaming software gives you the opportunity to customise the headset to your 
heart's content. From the EQ, microphone settings in individual games, and even the LED colour 
on the earcups, make the Arctis Series totally unique to you.


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SteelSeries Arctis Series Gaming Headsets