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Pari Delicto 2 ~ Part One
Print SIze: 26" x 33"
The idea of using existing art as a commodity to fuel the development of my work is a fundamental concession, it is necessary to understand my work. The ease of consuming and integrating images is a unique benefit of working digitally and plays a critical role in the development process. 

Digital environments are uniquely time neutral, the laws of cause and effect simply disappear.  A digital image (a file) is a snapshot in time, no matter how you affect the image it can be undone. This consequence free environment (at least from cause and affect) creates the ability to peruse an endless amount of variations seeded from a singular. 
The central figure in Pari Delicto 2 first appeared in the RePheonix series but was passed on in favor of the Knorr and Heide’s packaging. This decision was made for consistency in completing the multi-series arch which included Knorr Ballerina 2, Phoenix and RePheonix.
  --------------------------------------------------  PARI DELICTO II  --------------------------------------------------  
Version One : Iteration Four
Version Two : Iteration Two
Version One : Iteration Six
Version One : Iteration Eight
Version One "D" Combo : Iteration One
Version One "D"  Combo : Iteration Five
Pari Delicto 2 ~ Part One