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履遊趣 Feetour - Special Children's storybooks
Graphic Design
It is said that "A book can show you the path to take, but shoes take you down that path." 
Feetour combines children's books and shoes, to show children the way and then give they the "shoes" to take them to that destination.
Each book in this series of five books refers to a distinct ancient culture, which includes Chinese, Indian, Greek, Egyptian and Mayan. The stories are folktales of the cultures, and every story has drawings that portray unique artistic characteristics of that culture. Using traditional shoe styles and different bookbinding will inspire children's sense of touch and sight, and guide their imagination to have world adventures of their own.
Chinese-The Brave Tiger     中國:猛虎救母
Each pair of shoe-books contains one tranditional folktale. The Right foot is in Chinese, and the left foot is in English. 
The Chinese shoes are designed from the Chinese tiger shoes, which are commonly worn by babies in the countryside of China even today. The toe caps of these shoes are made into a tiger's head. In Chinese, a tiger head is believed to drive evil spirits away. ​Illustrations are done in the style with Chinese traditional woodblock print.
For children, the shoes of Feetour are made of waterproof and tear-resistant German natural washable kraft paper.
Indian-The Brahman, the Tiger and the Jackal     印度:老虎,婆羅門與狼
The Indian shoes are designed from Mojari. This style of shoe was handcrafted and produced in Punjab Pakistan and India.
The story is illustrated with the KALAMKARI painting style. Kalamkari is the art of hand-painting on textile using colors extracted from plant roots and vegetables.  
鞋子造型的設計來自名為莫佳莉(Mojari) 的鞋子,這種手工的鞋子在巴吉斯坦以及印度都極為盛行,其特色是鞋頭形狀尖尖且往上翹起,並搭配精細的繡花與裝飾。書中的插圖風格是印度的 KALAMKARI,是一種畫在布料上的繪畫,用的是取自於草木的天然顏料,這種風格起源於宗教用途,用繪畫讓人們瞭解神的故事與傳說。
Greek-The Trojan War     希臘:特洛伊戰爭
The Greek shoes are designed from Tsarouchia. Tsarouchia is Ancient Greek traditional hand crafted leather shoes and is known as part of the traditional uniform worn by the Greek presidential guards.
The story is illustrated with red figure vase painting, which was invented in Athens, 530 B.C.. This style is characterized by figures being drawn in the original red-orange of the clay with a black background. 
鞋子的設計是參考薩洛伊鞋(Tsarouhi),他是一雙皮製木底鞋,現今主要為希臘總統護衛隊,埃夫佐尼(Evzones)所穿。故事中採用插畫是古希臘的紅繪式瓶畫 ( 530 ~ 500 BC ),是古希臘人在各式的瓶子上,用特殊顏料繪製、燒陶而成的作品,其最顯著的特色是黑色、橘紅色與精緻的線條。
Egyptian-Tale of Two Brothers     埃及:兩兄弟的故事
The shoes are designed from Pharaohs' sandals, which even had two pictures of the traditional enemies of Egypt depicted on the sole. This was to symbolically represent the Pharaoh trampling his enemies and keeping the Egypt safe. 
The story is illustrated with the papyrus painting, and add some Egyptian hieroglyphs in the story to make it more fascinating.

Mayan- A Story of Ixchel     馬雅:伊克斯的故事
The shoes are designed from Huaraches. They are a type of woven leather sandals. These leather sandals can be found all over North and South America. The story is illustrated with the Mayan Stelae, and have Maya script in the story.
鞋子的設計來自 Huarache,是用多條細皮革編織成的涼鞋,在南美洲隨處可見,這種編織方法也被廣泛的運用在現今的鞋款中。故事中的繪畫呈現的是馬雅文明的石柱浮雕藝術,故事中也穿插著馬雅文明的象形文字。
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履遊趣 Feetour - Special Children's storybooks

履遊趣 Feetour - Special Children's storybooks

Design: Tin / Illustration: Rubi