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    http://www.sarajmcdougall.com/sip.html Sip Network is an interactive television network dedicated to craft beverages such as coffee, tea, liquor… Read More
    http://www.sarajmcdougall.com/sip.html Sip Network is an interactive television network dedicated to craft beverages such as coffee, tea, liquor, beer, and wine. Through out the day, programming on the channel changes based on what type of drink you may be sipping (for instance, in the morning there may be programming on coffee while alcoholic beverages start at happy hour). The user is able to filter programs by beverage categories as well as order featured products and find local sip spots. For this branding project, the designer was asked to create a brand along with TV schedules, bumps, and web applications relating to the network. Read Less
Introducing the Sip Network; the channel perfect for all lovers of fine wines, specialty coffee, craft beers, and foodies that can appreciate a good drink! This network is designed to engage viewers with a channel that is fun, fluid, and interactive. Viewers not only get to watch programs focused on their favorite drinks, but they are also able to purchase featured items, find local sip spots, and sort programming based on beverage category.
The Sip wordmark was created after intensive type and wordmark explorations. Creating multiple marks focused on the idea of beverages, what was created was a mark that is based off the concept of a titled drinking glass and combining it with the idea of the sphere as a glass or mug. Sans serif, lower case Verlag Bold was suited best for the network title and is accompanied by the similar but lighter Gotham HTF Medium for the network tagline. Color palette is based off of beverages such as water, tea, coffee, beer, and wine.
For the network stationary, the tilting of the glass concept is incorprated into type treatment for address, name, and contact information. All text is set in Gotham HTF for the exception of the letterhead body, which is set in Caslon 540 Roman. Treatment keeps all of the print pieces in unison and remains cohesive to the network brand.
Taking the mark and moving it into a digital platform, the wordmark is repurposed using video elements to give the appearance that the mark is being filled be a particular beverage.
TV Schedules
The program schedules are based on time of day that specific drinks are usually served. Mornings are focused of coffees and teas with the possible brunch mimosa. Around noon the programs begin to turn into non-alcoholic beverages such as juices, smoothies, and carbonated beverages. When happy hour comes around, programming featuring beer, liquor, and wine begin to air for the evening schedule.
Bug and Interactive Features
Sip Network's bug comes alive and fades to the color of the beverage relative to the program that is currently being aired while program titles, times, and hastags shoot by in place of the wordmark's tagline. Along with this animation, the bug allows viewers with smart television's to access interactive features including sorting programs by category, the option to find locations serving products locally, and information on featured products and purchasing options.