THE 4 chair design exercise
                                                         by bean design
the first design...number one chair!

this chair is a sphere, we cut the sphere in a certain way so it can contain a full chair with armrest included. to follow the same line i designed like animal feet to go with the chair.
its designed in fiberglass
the second chair....chan chan chan chaaaaan!

the second chair looks like a bowl than has been bitten. with it`s tubular steel legs the chair can be adjusted to a diverse range of positions. designer in fiberglass.
the third chair is completely designed in tubular steel. with zigzag shapes it might seem weak but it`s not! i call it a small radiator, because it looks like that. also it comes with its own otoman for getting your feet comfy.

ladies and gentlemen i present to you...the tubito zigzag.
the fourth "luneta" with folding back is ideal for social meetings and being with friends...and both seats look like chocolate!!!