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Otto Restaurants - Website design
Otto Restaurants - Website Design
Web interface design & serverside development
Otto,  first launched in 2005 in Tunel / Beyoğlu as a small restaurant & bar, has quickly became a favorite for many Istanbulites with its delicious food and energetic ambiance. With its motto ‘’Good Food, Good Music’’ Otto became one of the trendsetting venues. Today Otto is at your service as Restaurant, Cafe, Bar and Night Club with its 3 locations. Kucuk Otto in Tunel / Beyoglu has recieved many good reviews since the opening, and it was followed with another branch Otto Santral in 2007, which is located in Santral İstanbul, a popular cultural meeting point by a young yet sophisticated, international crowd. In 2008 the third branch Otto Sofyalı was opened in Asmalımescit, on Sofyali Street, Beyoglu.
Otto Restaurants - Website design