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Sosarena Branding Elements

Client: Sosarena International
Country: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Industry: Technology
Project Type: Corporate Identity

Professional Profile:
Sosarena is a digital brand with one stop solution for digital creation, learning and development. Pioneered to deliver bespoke business support services that empower business entity to grow their creative passion and exceed corporate goals. They deliver professional masterclass trainings to empower inventors to create their digital world with a direct partnership with Identity Embassy for outstanding capabilities and performance.

They provide scalable and cost-effective infrastructure services from around the world, all connected to a global and dedicated network, service ranges from:

Services we provide:                                           
• Graphic Design       
• Motion Graphic
• Web Design & Development
• Transcription services
• Digital Marketing
• Research & Content Development
• Corporate Branding
• Media Consultancy
• Professional One-on-One Trainings

They have a solid platform that caters for the services to be delivered accurately and sustainably.

About The Project:
As the main business, we decided to create our visual identity which included: Branding, logo, and stationery. First, we both agreed that the entire logo needed to be simple enough to remain printed on any form of products and gadgets, while still standing out. Yet, bold enough to stand on its own.

So, we designed the logo by connecting the first letters in the name of the founder and the main designer “(S) Samson (O) Opeyemi (S) Sanyaolu” shows how they fit together perfectly because they are correlating and the arena stands for the digital domain.

Once the logo had been set, we started to implement it across all stationery and marketing materials and created an art direction for visuals to enhance the marketing experience.

Agency: Sosarena International
Creative Director: Samson O. Sanyaolu
Creative Designer: Samson O. Sanyaolu
Partner: IdentityEmbassy
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Sosarena Branding Elements

Sosarena Branding Elements