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    A repeatable, seamless pattern based on the various masks and icons in the Electro scene.
Repeatable pattern of Icons in the Electro Scene
A repeatable, seamless pattern I did with the intention of getting it belt printed on a shirt. It's comprised of icons based on some of the masks or icons in the Electro scene. For someone who didnt understand the symbols would be left guessing at the meaning of the shirt, making it more of an insider/exclusive thing which is cool. I also like the pattern on a shirt since it looks like a designer label's print, but of something a little livelier.

Submitted to Threadless, but was told it was unprintable like this because the all the colors wouldn't register properly. If anyone has suggestions how to change it, I'd love to resubmit it if people like it.

I may also have posters printed with just the pattern over different color backgrounds.