Long Distance Wedding Invitations
Programmes Used:
Adobe InDesign CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5

The concept of this packaging for wedding invitations is to show the viewer a more in depth story behind the couple without becoming too trite with an explanation.  The bride lives in Oklahoma while the groom lives in New York; therefore, a map was used to visually indicate that separation.

I used a 50"x32" Rand McNally map in order to sew a heart around Tulsa, Oklahoma and Albany, New York while connecting the two hearts with a line which represents an airplane route. So, I went with the map theme and continued it with all the other elements.

Then, I photographed the map for some visual interest and focused on Oklahoma because the wedding is taking place there. Also, the photographs on the RSVP postcards were taken in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma by myself, as well.