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    Project of visual identity for Radio_FM, part of public Slovak broadcast and television.
Project of visual identity for Radio_FM, which is part of public Slovak broadcast and television. Radio is oriented on young and open-minded listeners. You can find quality music from all genres in their playlists, exclusive interviews with Slovak or foreign musicians, or recordings from live gigs and festivals. Radio also offers author´s discussions programs with various actual topics, which resonate in contemporary urban culture.

Main element in new visuals are vector illustrations of the heads of people, who are part of radio´s broadcast services. I tried to reach their likeness by using minimalistic lines of their characteristic features. These heads were used in a plenty of different outputs in various social networks. This identity campaign has started in the October 2013.
Set of icons, where every one of them represents different programme. Some of them are more specifically related to the shows´ topics, other ones are more abstract representations. 

Here are the examples of FB covers of the different programmes.

Odveci_FM has started as the improvisational comedy programme at first at radio only, but eventually the protagonists later recreated it into TV show.