Black and White
Experimental Illustration by Bram Vanhaeren
"Black and White" is a new series of illustrations Bram Vanhaeren created during the Winter. After the colourful photo-manipulations and bright typographic treatments, he decided to try something new and follow a new path. This path led him to Black and White illustration, hand drawn with his magic mouse looking for new techniques. It's been fun and he decided to share it with you. Enjoy the ride...

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ME This is a self-portrait.
TYGR an illustration for a school project!
Napoleon A more detailed illustration to push my boundaries. Soon to be a new t-shirt available in my store!
MaestroKnows My first portrait Ive done this year. With the kind words from Levi himself, which appreciate!
LION An illustration for The Keystone Design Union
EXPLORE I took my old Zero Skateboard and customized it with this. Special white paint and black marker to finish. It took me few weeks to finish the pattern, but I really love the end result. It's hanging in my room now!