I came up with this crazy project right after being back from my Erasmus program in Lapland.
Over there, people were so quite that it wanted to make people shout a lot!
So, I started thinking about a way in which people could show their energies and enjoy the moment as well as produce a memory of the Lambrock Festival, which I'm running with some friends.
The task was dramatically easy: «Howl in the microphone to take a memory picture».
The solution: a camera micrphone-controlled taking picture automatically every time a dude was feeling like shouting. And it worked quite well, so that we got around 840 pictures in two evenings as well as a lot ok Likes and sharing on Facebook. Lots of friends used some of those images as profile picture, it was a very fast experiment I've made in less than two afternoons and I haven't had so good expectations!
Following, some specifics with snapshot and... stay tuned for the next year and take a look to the pics!
The circuit was quite easy and it was provided by a sort of led interface, showing the loading of the flash and the level of the voice.