It's another rainy morning in the city.Another morning standing outside watching hurried cars burning headlights reflected on slick roads, brightening their approach, at least to my perspective. The grime from the days of dry and sun and smoke and dirt built up on the building side, large scale window panes--all get washed and stream down their walls or down drainage pipes, dripping off canopies and awnings into the threads of $300 business suits, $70 dresses, $30 hats, $2 umbrellas, and $100 shoes that came with free socks.Or it falls straight from it's cloud, screaming at speeds unknown only to crash with billions of it's buddies on a puddle of buddies jumping in puddles of buddies.Splashing in shoes made for splashing.Causing splashes that get on shoes made for impressions. The rain doesn't stop the bustle of the busy.All trying to get from one dry place to another dry place, attempting to remain as dry as possible.Some grumble about it.  Some accept it.  Some extend a hand from the shelter of an umbrella only to abandon the umbrella and embrace what the tops of umbrellas were built to shelter against.This only annoys others in their bustle, blocking them in their business of staying dry. Giggles and grumbles are the accompaniment of the main chorus of drips and drops from clouds and building tops, the sloshing if wet tires on wet roads rolling through disturbed puddles by previous tires or failed avoidance of pedestrians.The slushy sounds of the cars slowing to a stop, or slowly moving faster.The occasional distant rumble of large trucks or busses rolling by... or was that a gentle thunder tolling by in the distance? I stand in the midst of it all in the mist of it all.The serene gloominess of a dampened cityscape--crazy and ironic for a sunny, cheery person such as myself--standing here is my escape.