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The X Factor
Motion Graphics
xxx promaxBDA 2014 winner xxx 
Xfactora quality that is regarded as mysterious and difficult to describe or isolate
Based on the Xfactor logo shape I started to play with 4 part kaleidocope designed machine.
Original Design for the Israeli version of The X Factor.
First I started playing with a kaleidoscope concept to show the Xfactor of diffrent music artist like "florence and the machine" or "Kiss". Originaly designed as a 5 sec promo tizzer.
Creative Director - Koby Opinkaro
Director - Tamir Avidor
Art Direction - Arik Weiss
Design - Noa Haber
2D Animation & Compositing - Yuval Meron
3D - Shay Goldberg
Choreography - Harel Kay
Music - MonsterMusic
The X Factor