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Encore - 3D printed light

A 3D printed light made from plants, inspired by curtains.
Step into the limelight with Encore Table Light, Sam Gwilt’s sophomore release with Gantri. While exploring the effects of light, Gwilt tapped into the emotional experience derived from curtains -- from the theatre, concealed and raising anticipation prior to a performance, to the ethereal, warm feeling when the sun shines through your home. 

Encore is Gwilt’s showcase of how curtains can play a fundamental role in how one experiences light, through control or enhancement.
The Encore Table Light’s elegant design features a double exposed diffuser allowing for versatile use. Taking cues from the organic pleats created by curtains, the shade’s exterior showcases a unique rippled effect atop a geometric base. Similar to his first launch, Weight Table Light, Encore explores how static products can stop a moment in time while simulating motion. Balancing airy and drama, the Encore Table Light is a perfect statement piece to intensify or soften your everyday.
Encore - 3D printed light