Unlimint (CardPay Rebranding)

Unlimint is a global fintech company previously known as Cardpay. Today it’s a leader in online payments market, working with hundreds of payment methods. And in the future Unlimint plans to create new services for innovative businesses, digital retail and other segments.

Brand platform "Ready for tomorrow" reflects the company's vision: to become the guide for companies going through digital transformation or innovators entering uncharted waters of emerging markets.

The identity is built on three pillars. Number one is daring and futuristic display font Nekst from Type.Today. Number two is bright and energetic neon green. And finally, there is a bunch of graphic elements which symbolize constant renewal.

People are the main resource of the company, they are curious, smart, agile, ambitious — they are Unlimiters. Visual identity of Unlimint HR brand is based on the brand logo and various metaphors of constant update.

Stylish merch for employees refers to the future and reminds of the Unlimiters’ principles. It ’s also possible to create custom copylines with combination of patches.​​​​​​​

The Clients
www | ig | fb
Creative direction: Aleksandr Bozhko, Ivan Dergachev
Art direction: Lidiya Kapysh
Account director: Maria Chechelova
Design: Anna Pazyuk, Irina Vasilyeva
3D: Natasha Kuchishkina
UI kit: Igor Starkov
Digital designer: Valeria Mikhailover
Illustrator: Maria Yudina

Film production: Spot Films
Film director: Roman Kosov
Film sound: Sounds Like a Plan

Unlimint (client):
CMO — Sergey Denisov
Digital Marketing Manager — Elena Buzovska
Head of Brand Design — Sasha Yagnyuk
PR Manager — Nadya Ivanova
Product Marketing Manager — Natalia Dengina

Unlimint (CardPay Rebranding)