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Monti's Mould Monster
Role:  Illustrator
Client:  Pearson Australia
Studio:  Freelance
I illustrated this comic book for Pearson Education as part of their Discovering Science series. The book is used by the teacher to support primary school students as part of the national Australian Curriculum, which is pretty rad - lots of little kiddies get to see my illustrations, and judge me.
Here's a selection of some of the better pages from the comic book. I was super happy with how these turned out - composition and rendering wise. Although there are plenty of things that I could have done better, and a few of the pages were pretty rubbish and missing a lot of details, but I just completely ran out of polishing up time. So you won't be seeing any of those here.
Below are the initial sketches of the characters and some of the pages. The one of Monti is particularly interesting as his appearance did change considerably over the course of doing the book.
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