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Vmarkt Animated Ad
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At some breaking point last summer, I decided it was time for me 
to get more involved in the vegan movement. To celebrate that, 
I invited Dutch vegan start-ups or organizations to submit a form 
explaining their cause and why a 30sec animated video (from me) 
could help them as well as the movement. Basically, I wanted to help 
one Dutch startup during the lockdown in the way that I know I can; 
with animation! I received so many inspiring submissions, and finally 
chose to work with the founder of Vmarkt, a Dutch crowd-funded vegan 
supermarket with big dreams. 

Hope you enjoy it!


I wanted the video to feel like a little musical scene from an animated film,
something to wrap the efforts and dreams of the founder into something fun.
And if you don't speak Dutch, hopefully you can still enjoy the tune!


Script, Illustration, Animation: Dinos&Teacups 
Voice: Eline Vera
Sound Design: Dsorderless​​​​​​​


Vmarkt's logo went through a few changes during the process, 
but bright green was always a predominant color in the branding.
So we played around a lot with different greens and eventually 
settled on the fun, flashy and pretty contrasted palette below!

I normally go for slightly more structured character designs, 
but these organic-y dudes and dudettes were the most fun 
and unrestricted bunch of characters I've gotten to animate. 
I might just do more of these looser shapes in the future!



Once we finished up the lyrics and got the amazing Eline Vera to add 
her vocals to the music, I could finally start animating. But of course,
the timing of the animation had to be based off of the sound cues... 
So I think it's safe to say this song is forever engraved into my brain. 
As well as my neighbours'. 
Sorry guys 🤷‍♀️.

Below are some shots from the full video, hope you like them!

Thanks for your time!

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Vmarkt Animated Ad