PARSONS - The New School
First I wanted to sound underground and really futuristic, but then I realice the future I was thinking about was now, and probably the people that will start going to this school next year was born in the 2000s, something that sounds futuristic by itself. So I tried to do something contemporary and diverse, adopt resources that have lead the 2000s music in the shadows. That can be recognizable for this new generation because they grow with it, but are not that obvious. 

I also focused in match with my soundtrack the colours, textures, feeling and place I get from the video in a visceral level. Probably the sec 0:18 is the frame where I have spent more time in my whole career haha, trying multiple things until find something that matched perfectly my two senses.
Here the drums where I maximice this idea, I reformulated a 2step/burial style drum using sounds from televisions, rumble of an elevator passing behind the wall, and other mechanisms from elevators. Also I cared about the reverb I used so it gives the feeling of being in this place.
How percussion group looks:
PARSONS The New School
Director - Roger Guàrdia
Prod Company - Park Pictures
Executive Producer - Dinah Rodriguez
Producer Park Pictures - Christopher Grove
Producer - Luigi Rossi
Director of Photography - Daniel Vignal
2n Unit DP - Htat Htut
1st AD - Matt Smith
Production Designer - Alexandra Kaucher
Stylist - Abby Oliver
HMU - Naomi Myoko
Casting Director - Kate Antognini
Editor - Gonzalo Heregueta
Graphic Designer - Judit Musachs
Music&Sound Design - Aimar Molero
V.O - Boshia Raejean
Postproduction - MPC
Creative director -Alvin Cruz
Executive producer - Camila De Biaggi -
VFX Producer - Chris PB
Grade - Vincent Taylor
Compositor - Jared Pollack
PARSONS - The New School


PARSONS - The New School