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Generative art in knitwear accessories 2021
Hello everyone! We are creative unity of people with diffecrent background: machine learning, knitwear programmer, 3D avatars/space/garments and real apparel/footwear, branding/graphic design. We have created a neural network that reinterpreted Russian panelki vibe into unique arts.
In collaboration with knitwear factory we have created accessories collection (scarves, hats, balaclavas) with using the principles of generative design. We build our models in 3D and put our neural art into jacquard. 
In 3D you can see how your model will look like in the end and understand if this color combination "work" or no.
After all we held a photo session and a presentation of the collection in "Campus Kruzhok". At this event, we told people where they can learn 3D/ what generative design is/ how we made this collection and held a workshop on creating prints on a 3D object. 
Neural network art https://www.instagram.com/generativeplaces/
Design https://www.instagram.com/mariapergusheva/
Design https://www.instagram.com/isviridovai/
Knitwear programmer https://www.instagram.com/saidamuslimova/
Branding https://www.instagram.com/alexkoma_/
Photo https://www.instagram.com/tomilov/
Photo https://www.instagram.com/whoisfrenalien/
Photo https://www.instagram.com/mayavilenskaya/
Video https://www.instagram.com/tayler.production/

Generative art in knitwear accessories 2021

Generative art in knitwear accessories 2021

We have created real knitwear collection using neural net art and 3D.