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    Illustrations worked for the client VideoCentro in TribuDDB
Festival Antigua: Gold - Art Direction
Festival Cáribe: Silver - Negocios al público.
Festival Volcán: Silver and Bronce - Art Direction - Best Illustration.
Client: Videocentro
Art Director: Kenneth Prieto
Copywriter: Fabio Marin
General Creative Directors: Javier Mora, Pablo Chaves
General Art Director: Joaquin Brenes
Illustrator and Character Design: Kenneth Prieto
Environment Scale Model: Sibu Conceptual
Photography and Digital Edition: The Monkey Studio & Kenneth Prieto

This campaign was worked with 4 process:
1. the digital modeling and texturizing of every character.
2. the scale model of the rooms made it.
3. the photo session of the model.
4. the digital manipulation, retouching and editing.