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I don’t like to work under conditions or restrictions. I like to have my own freedom
Some do not understand my political stance because I criticise the liberals and the Muslim Brotherhood. I criticise anything that I do not like I'm not with any famous ideology that happens at this specific time, so I drew against ElBaradei before, against Ikhwan [Brotherhood], against Islamists and Salafis and church and the military council. I draw against everyone who does something wrong from my perspective. That’s it
I was in Tahrir Square from the first day of the demonstrations and I got injured with a rubber bullet in my leg in the violent events of January 28th. However, I didn’t return home until Feb 2nd. At that time many of the “Popular Committees” were suspicious of people coming back from the square thanks to the local media. So, in addition to my injury, I was beaten up by several of these committee members on my way home and this really affected me emotionally, it was a great offense. Other than that, when I returned to Tahrir Square we had a lot of time sitting and waiting there so I started drawing. This attracted people who gathered to look at what I was doing with interest. So I started brainstorming with them and then I would pick the idea I like and develop it and draw it. At other times I would draw a cartoon and ask the people to suggest comments and then I would write the best comment. Then I would ask people to clap and all this made of it a fun show. Outside the square I also started posting political articles and begin discussions of political issues on my
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In my works I speak the language of the people,I do not try to sound sophisticated and I believe it is important to capture the soul of the people in the country
Newspaper headline: Tunisian Tyrant Falls. Man: Don't you think it's time to lighten the load a bit?
Drawing in Tahrir Square

i prefer my cartoons to be used as banners in protests than to be published in newspapers

Before 25 January 2011 , the day on which the Egyptian revolution began , startled my hand more than once before drawing back . She was suspended in view of the suppression of freedom, disregard for the dignity of man , and of the danger brought it with them when they criticized society or politics. The restrictions around this profession prevented me clearly to express my opinion .
On that Friday , I woke up early , full of hope to meet those unknowns that in all the time I ever got to know only for a few moments , " freedom " , as they call many . I received a call from a fellow activist , poet Abdel Rahman Youssef , and the esteemed painter of mine Said Amar Kafrawi . They invited me to a meeting. Everyone would go out of the mosque in his neighborhood , and that on that day they " Friday of Rage" called it . I went on 25 and 26 January also . And realized that we were facing a very serious situation . The regime would be obvious that it was confronted with a revolution. On the following days the security forces went on with increased brutality. Fewer people demonstrated .
The value of freedom
I awoke from my dream . The President had let block all communication channels - such as mobile phones and the Internet - the only media that are available to me at home . Then I realized that my country had turned into a big prison and that this man, who for so long is wrong spectacle of democracy aufführte , now bared its ugly face dictator . This day was crucial for me. After I had once faced with the other protesters the armored vehicles of the police , it was difficult to go back one step . I realized that our people were ready to sacrifice his life on the road to freedom - and that we must not waste all this after this date. For the first time I realized the importance and the value of freedom .
On this day , in which the will of the people triumphed over the repressive apparatus of the state , I began to breathe a different air . It seemed to me as if I saw the light of the sun for the first time Even the colors seem to have changed , just as if tyranny , violence and arbitrariness can be bitter to the taste of all these things. And when I first took my pen in hand after the revolution , seemed to me as if I had been able to draw at all . The pen danced left out on the paper , as if he knew that he would be in possession of freedom. I drew light and powerful . The fear no longer curtailed my creativity . On this day I decided not to keep up with my opinions to , even if they would upset anyone . Although the new order also practiced forms of oppression and sentenced activist , I 've realized that a frightened man is not free . And creativity can be creative only if it is free
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