Before the craze of tablet PC's and iPads, Touch Book was the first netbook computer to feature the CPU inside the display bezel, allowing a fully-functioning tablet PC to detach from the keyboard.

Touch Book was the debut product for Silicon Valley start-up Always Innovating, seeing it's release in March 2009. From it's success off Touch Book, the company has continued developing products in this new category.
The industrial design (done waaay before iPhone 4 ;) embraces a clean, simple, compact form factor to optimize portability. The surface break-up focuses on creating a unified netbook while making the tablet look equally exceptional as a stand-alone product.

The silver band outlines the inputs/outputs while framing the display. Interior surfaces are treated with soft-touch for a pleasing touch experience.
In addition to developing the industrial design, I executed a complex mechanical design that enables the tablet to be detached and reconfigured in multiple orientations.
The tablet can be mounted backwards - like a thicker version of itself - to take advantage of the additional battery located in the keyboard.