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House of Wang brand identity
Brand identity

House of Wang is an interior gallery with a focus on state of the art furniture. It introduces brands like Se, Orche, Apparatus and others to Beijing market. 

We have created a sharp avant-garde inspired logo mark using brand name initials to stress the core essence. The result feels almost like an alien typography and goes well with the selected furniture artworks. Just a few lines form the symbol that works as the main graphical element used to brand any communication materials and to cooperate with partnering brand logos. 

Typeface: Hansen Grotesque by PlayType
Papers: Antalis, Keycaolour collection

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Interior photography are provided by House of Wang

Creative Director & Lead Designer:
Alice Mourou

Account manager:
Kirill Runkov

Design team:
Jon YU, Rosalie Chan

Nikita Shchukin, Max Mezenzev

House of Wang brand identity

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House of Wang brand identity