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dō - Japanese Beauty Brand
dō - Japanese Beauty Care Product
Naming / Branding / Art Direction / Packaging / Website Design

“dō” is a new beauty line born in Japan that proposing to bring back a powerfully balanced body by introducing health and beauty regimens based on the Yin and Yang theory into our daily lives. All “dō” products contain carefully selected Japanese and Chinese plant extracts based on traditional healing recipes. 

This beauty line is created by a woman with over 15 years of experience as a nail stylist. Over the course of her career, while providing nail care services for countless clients, she gradually realized that it is essential to take care of the balance of the body and the mind in order to nurture the growth of healthy nails.

“dō” products were born when her long term wish to “create a special line of care products for healthy nails” encountered her new desire to “provide a moment of healing for modern humans.”




Brand Identities​​​​​​
Name of the Brand

"dō" is derived from the Japanese word “do-u (dəʊ)” meaning soil, which is one of the five elements that form the pillars of the theory of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.

Soil plays a very important role in circulating and creating organic matter in the Earth.
The Chinese character for soil “土” can also be seen as a combination of plus (+) and minus (-) symbols, symbolizing Yin and Yang.

The brand name was inspired by the combination of these characteristics of the word “dō”. Images of a sculpture that forms while adding or scraping off a clay mass comes to mind that depict the principle of addition and subtraction - the basic concept of Eastern philosophy. It is also pronounced like “dough” - an English word meaning bread dough or a soft mass. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Package Design
Primary / Secondary
Gift Wrapping “Tsutsumi”

The origin of the cloth “Tsutsumi” used for gift wrapping at dō goes back to the Nara period.
At that time, “Tsutsumi” was used as a cloth to wrap special things such as clothing and musical instruments used by monks.
Since the Muromachi period, it has been known as Furoshiki, the name we still use today. 
The Shosoin in Todaiji Temple still holds the oldest “Tsutsumi” in Japan.

“Tsutsumi” is a sustainable gift wrapping created by traditional Japanese culture.
With the desire to foster the mind that loves and cares for all things, we created our original “Tsutsumi”.
After using it as a gift wrap, it can also be used as a bag or storage.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

どうのギフト包装に用いられている布 “  裹(ツツミ)”の起源は、奈良時代に遡ります。

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Website Design
Full project coming soon...​​​​​​​

To be continued...

Founder of dō - Misato Matsuo
Art Direction / Design - Kazuha Otake
Photography - SHINMEI
Prop Stylist - Keiko Hudson
Artwork on Secondary Packaging - Fong Min Liao

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dō - Japanese Beauty Brand

dō - Japanese Beauty Brand