110 icons pack - transparent png + vector

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  • 110 icons pack - transparent png + vector

  • Transparent PNG icons.

    There are 110 differents icons in this pack. In 5 differents sizes and 9 color backgrounds for each icon. That is, more than 4.500 files.

    Icons Included:ascending-bars.png, at.png, balloon.png, battery-empty.png, battery-full.png, battery-low.png, battery.png, beer.png, briefcase.png, calculator.png, camera.png, caution.png, cellphone.png, champion-cup.png, chronometer.png, clock.png, close.png, coins.png, computer.png, configuration.png, conversation.png, credit-card.png, cross.png, cup.png, cutlery.png, descending-bars.png, dollar-decline.png, dollar-upward.png, dollar.png, dumbbell.png, euro-decline.png, euro-upward.png, euro.png, factory.png, fast-forward.png, favorite.png, female.png, film.png, first.png, flag.png, folder.png, forbidden.png, gift.png, good-luck.png, graph-up.png, grid.png, headphone.png, headset.png, heart.png, highlighter.png, home.png, house.png, key.png, last.png, letter.png, light-bulb.png, male.png, man.png, map-pin.png, medical-kit.png, money.png, mouse.png, music-player.png, music.png, mute.png, new-file.png, north.png, padlock.png, paperclip.png, pause.png, pencil.png, phone.png, pin.png, plane.png, play.png, pliers.png, pound-decline.png, pound-upward.png, pound.png, power.png, print.png, question.png, receiver.png, recycle.png, reload.png, rewind.png, shopping-cart.png, smartphone.png, smile.png, sms.png, stars.png, step-forward.png, stop.png, sun.png, t-shirt.png, target.png, tick.png, toolbox.png, trash-basket.png, travel.png, tv.png, volume-high.png, volume-low.png, wine-glass.png, wrench.png, yen-decline.png, yen-upward.png, yen.png, zoom-in.png, zoom-out.png.

    The .AI file
    Only the .AI file is layered.There are 11 layers:One for the icons, another for the lighting, and nine different layers for color backgrounds.