Mobile TeleSystems, commonly referred to by the abbreviation MTS, is the Indian subdivision of Russian Mobile Tele Systems telecomm-unication company.
This logo was used to encourage their users to participate in their competition called MTS Discover that is in search of new musical talent all over the country.
Through MTS Discover, musicians who are looking to take the next step towards a career in music have a chance to showcase their talent and open up opportunities to start making a living through their art and ambitions in the music space. This is a platform where musicians, irrespective of genre, have the chance to get heard and win a chance to play a number of festivals gigs such as the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, a whole bunch of college festivals and club nights across the country. 
"Change is Near" was created to promote MTS Discover; an initiative for local musical talent to be heard in India. This microsite enables people to "like" and "share" creatives that promote the event via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.