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A hand-made patisserie brand that produces healthy and tasty macrobiotic sweets.
According to the brand concept: “Sweets made of natural ingredients that children can enjoy
and without parents worry”, we designed the motif of a boy with “leaf hair”.
Client:Patisserie Kei
Art Direction & Design :Masaomi Fujita
Photographer:Takumi Kawaguchi
Considering in creating the logo mark that they are “sweets that even children can eat without worry,” which is the product concept, and they are healthy food made from plant materials, we created a symbol mark expressing a child face with a leaf on the hair in order to spread a clean image. 
Besides, we contrived it so that the symbol: child face is changeable according to seasons, in order to make people feel a familiarity from the brand. 
Besides, we prepared storyboards product-by-product as images for the website so that the attraction of each product can be appropriately delivered.