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Babylon by TELUS Health Clinics

A new kind of healthcare clinic

The Babylon by TELUS Health app allows you see a doctor on your phone, the same day. A small number of patients can't be diagnosed over the virtual in-app phone consultation and are asked to see a doctor in person. If needed, until now, they were directed to the nearest walk-in clinic, which can sometimes have long wait times. Babylon By TELUS Health changed name to TELUS My Care in June 2021.

By creating the digital-first health care clinics, patients can now choose be scheduled to see a doctor, in person by the Babylon team. Patients can schedule their visit at a time that works for them after their consultation, if needed.

The clinics drew inspiration from the places we live and commonly use the app, to create a space where visitors can come to feel rested, recharged and at ease during their visit. It was important to make the clinic experience a seamless extension of the app.

The space is welcoming for all, and the healing power of nature can be felt via plants, natural materials, green-walls and local art. An expanded and complementary colour palette emerges through custom signage and way-finding.

Signage & Way-finding production by MET Printers.
Interior design execution by Hager Design Inc.

Phase 2 - Custom clinic door &
horizontal wooden window-slats.

Victoria location - Rendering.

Signage prototypes.


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Babylon by TELUS Health Clinics


Babylon by TELUS Health Clinics