Television Commercial (TVC) for Grab
About GrabCar:
Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform that offers the fastest booking service for taxi, private cars and motorbikes through one mobile app. 

Objective of the Advertisement: 
To promote Grab service. To promote the convenience of using Grab rather than taking other public transport. To persuade them that Grab service is a wise choice in their daily life.

Rationale & Concept: 
Using split screen to make a contrast between a woman who takes a grab as transport and a man who takes a bus to his destination. By inserting the timing record into these scenes, it may be able to show clearly to the audience the difference between taking Grab and taking the bus. 
Production Team:
Siew Pei Wen - Producer, screenwriter, location scout, casting director
Teo Kai Siang - Cinematographer
Poon Feng Ying - Storyboard artist
Khor Jia Hao - Video editor
Khaw Chin Yee - Rapporteur
Special thanks to:

Shooting Café
The Mechanic Café (Location- Cheras Trader Square)

Our lecturer:
Ms Foo Mei Lee

Main actress & actor:
Main actress - Vivian Lim Wei Wen
Main actor - Lee Kang Xuan

Side actor & actress in the bus:
Office man - Lim Zhong Jing
Office woman- Ng Yan Ping  
Sport lover - Tan Choon Kai
Music lover - Samuel Kong Chung Wei
Student - Ong Jes Min
Student -Ting Qiao Thong
Student -Lim Zhi Qian
Student -Choi Kee Fong

Side actor & actress in the cafe:
Main actress's friend - Wong Bao Ying
Main actress's friend - Wong Kian Onn
Main actress's friend - Ng Wei Xian

* Work produced are solely for assignment purpose. Thank you for watching. Enjoy! *

TVC for GrabCar