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Pagi Tadi - Fragmen
We have the opportunity to create the album "Fragmen" by Pagi Tadi. 
Pagi Tadi is an acoustic/indie-folk band from Malang, Indonesia that concentrates on the movement of nature. 
In every song, Pagi Tadi always promotes messages about nature to listeners.

 "Fragmen" or Fragment means a small piece that's come off a larger whole. 
Our Process
To ensure the whale is unique, we capture it from 3D models that provided for free in different perspective.
Final Product
You can listen to their album on Spotify!
Thank you
Terima kasih

Client: Pagi Tadi
By Latrust Creative Studio
Director: Enricco Delfian
Scriptwriter: Ryan Rizky

Pagi Tadi - Fragmen
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Multiple Owners
Enricco Delfian