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Hi! I'm Shannon Maraghy, graphic designer. 
I also love cats, as you may have guessed... 
Welcome to my portfolio. :-)

Logo for Caltech (Adobe Illustrator)
Caltech's new tool ACKnowledge combines data mining of research papers with human oversight for greater accuracy, ease, and speed of curation. 
Logos made for a standup comic named Midnight White (Adobe Illustrator)
Package Design (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)
Below is my envisioned package for a frozen pizza with lab-grown meat, also known as "cultured meat" or "clean meat." The featured company, Eat Just, is a real company, and it is selling lab-grown chicken in Singapore, but it hasn't been approved to do so yet in the US. 
Travel Logo (Adobe Illustrator)
The impetus behind this fictitious VR travel company was two-fold. First, it's risky for people to travel in this age of COVID. Second, there is a real need to protect fragile ecosystems (like that of the Galapagaos Islands) from the ravages of tourism. The solution? Virtual reality travel.
Travel Poster (11" x 17" Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)
This poster incorporates the GalapaGO! logo and promotes virtual reality tours of the islands. Thanks to cutting edge technology, the savvy explorers of today don't even need to leave their homes--which is safer for humans AND for the extraordinary creatures that call Galapagos home. This poster targets forward-thinkers who can see the benefits of VR technology.
Brochure (Adobe Photoshop)
This double-sided gatefold brochure is envisioned as being placed on each seat at a TED Talk. When attendees pick it up, they will see the brain on the cover and the words, "OPEN YOUR MIND." When they open the flaps to look inside, they will see the message below, where they will receive a free audiobook from and then be instructed to fold the side flaps back and flip the brochure over. Then, they will see a heart and the words, "OPEN YOUR HEART." Upon opening the flaps, they will see the message on the second sheet.
Newsletter (Adobe Photoshop and InDesign)
This two-page ice cream newsletter let me indulge in yummy flavors, colors, textures, and ideas. Please note that the ice cream book art is real, by a variety of artists, curated by artist Ben Denzer. Check it out at
Book Jacket (7" x 11" Adobe Photoshop)
This is a jacket to a fictitious book with a title that's half tongue-in-cheek/half in earnest. Courageous, outspoken young people that bring much-needed diversity to politics inspire hope that our government can change to actually respresent the American "salad bowl." The cover's bright red hue and bold type match A.O.C.'s own boldness.

Website (Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver)
I had a lot of fun and giggles making this four-page website about tough-cat personal injury attorneys. Hope you enjoy it. 
Shannon Maraghy Graphic Design Portfolio

Shannon Maraghy Graphic Design Portfolio