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Detroit Art Book Fair

2014 Detroit Art Book Fair
Embrace the Narrative, Book by Book. The 2014 Detroit Art Book Fair offers a digital journey as compelling as the books it celebrates. With a dual-phase interface, we keep attendees engaged before and during the event. Pre-event, our platform makes it seamless for vendors to secure their space while spotlighting the book covers that draw you in. On event day, our design augments the fair experience without distraction, supporting indie artists in their quest for visibility and sales.​​​​​​​

First impressions count—even with books.​​​​​​​
The cover is often the initial touchpoint, the split-second decider that compels you to explore further. While the story inside matters, it's the cover that reels you in. That's why I've designed the interface to remain unobtrusive, letting the book covers take center stage and naturally engage the user.

Target User:
Independent artists, book vendors, art enthusiasts, and the general public interested in art books and local talent.

Value Statement:
"Where Art Takes Form—One Book at a Time"

Pick out your own library for later
One of the main goals of purchasing books is to create your own library. Which sort of becomes an extension of your identity, your library communicates what you’re into and what kind of book collector you are. So you can queue up a list of books for purchase now or later. Its like builidng your own library connection, which you can share with others so that they can see what’s in your library and you can see what is in their’s.
The pre-event focus on vendor table rental and book showcase addresses practical necessities, while the day-of-event interface aims to enrich the fair-going experience without becoming a distraction. This two-phase approach is thoughtful in catering to different needs at different times, making it easier for artists to showcase their work and for attendees to immerse themselves in it.
Book Scanner App
Supporting independent artists and publishers is the cornerstone of this event. Recognizing the overwhelming abundance of books at the fair, I aimed to streamline the experience with a book scanner app. This app lets you scan books as you explore, curating a personalized shopping list for later. Each scanned book links to the corresponding Author or Artist's profile, fostering meaningful connections and ongoing engagement with their work.

Persona 1: The Indie Artist
Age: 25-40, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Art, self-publishing, local events
Values: Creativity, exposure, artistic freedom

Persona 2: The Avid Reader
Age: 30-50, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Literature, art books, local culture
Values: Discovery, intellectual stimulation, supporting local artists

Persona 3: The Vendor Visionary
Age: 35-55, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Selling books, networking, art appreciation
Values: Commerce, visibility, networking opportunities

Persona 4: The Casual Browser
Age: 20-35, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Weekend activities, local events, general interest in books
Values: Exploration, social engagement, curiosity
Detroit Art Book Fair


Detroit Art Book Fair

The way the interfaces are set up is that there is a defferent expereince for before the event and during the event in order to present the most Read More