• All Is Well | Croatia 2013
    Many houses in the village of Vezmari have a well in the backyard. It was used for livestock and people. This is one of my first pictures from my Croatian project, photographed in 2006. 
  • A Gypsy | Croatia, 2013
    In the village, some call her a gypsy, but she's not. I spent a few hours listening to Bozica's life sotry and her struggle to obtain a Croatian citizenship after her escape from Bosnia. 
  • Talk is Not Cheap | Croatia, 2013
    The first time I photographed this man was in 2012. He was excited when I approached his house in May of 2013. At first he didn't recognize me, but then I pointed to my camera, and he laughed. He helped me set up a backdrop by his house and then we enjoyed a long conversation. He wouldn't let me leave his house without telling me about the days from his youth. 
  • Let's Go Home | Croatia, 2013
    I followed these two ladies, to interview the woman on the left. Every time I focused my lens, she'd stop to pose, telling the other lady not to talk. "He is recording," she'd say. 
  • The End of the Line | Croatia 2012
    My tour guide took me to this man's house. We found him napping in his shack. He was frightened by my appearance, but soon showed his smile and grattitude. I told him about my mission, and he agreed to talk to me. His wife, who is deaf, walked out smiling. I photographed them and left. This man and his wife have no family members left. Their child died before the war. 
  • The Washing Machine | Croatia 2012
    Not everybody has a "proper" washing machine, but this lady did. My tour-guide, who is related to her, took me to her house. The lady was nice enough to let me use her washing machine. She made cookies for us and we helped her around the house.
  • But He is Nice | Croatia 2013
    In pictures he looks mean. Maybe even viscious. But this man couldn't have been nicer or more polite. His wife passed away, and his kids have left the country. He lives across the road from his brother, with whom he no longer speaks.