Infographics miscellany
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Here you can find an infographics' miscelanea about our last works realized for different brands during 2013. 
We decided to collect all together here to show you different styles and sizes:
1. Kellogg's (realized for Brands & Roses)
2. Samsung (realized for Brands & Roses)
3. (a Spanish Start up)
4. Linkage & Mind (a Kazakhstan company)
5. The Outpost (a Saudi magazine)
6. (American music magazine)
7. Pop Mech (American tech magazine)
Kellogg's Special K infographic
This project was realized to promote Special K in Spain. The company decided to realize a table mat as a communication action. It was distributed to 300 journalists to let them know in a funny way how tasty and healthy are Kellogg's products. 
Client: Kellogg's España
Agency: Brands & Roses
Samsung washmachines infographic
Samsung asked to Brands & Roses to create an infographic that should show inquiry results to explain how Spanish people use washmachines and what is their  relationship with clothes. We decided to realize a modular fullcolor infographic playing with Samsung colors, adding few nouances to enrich it. 

Client: Samsung España
Agency: Brands & Roses
Art direction: relajaelcoco
Size: Din A3 and 1024x2775px
Pop Mech magazine
We also realized an opening infographic for Popular Mechanics, a male magazine of USA. They proposed us to create an infographic about a new mechanism that allow you to control your car through your mobile device. 
We worked it with stroke style and hisometric perspective. 

Client: Popular Mechanichs 
Art direction: relajaelcoco
Size: Din A4
Linkage & Mind infographic
L&M is a company from Kazakhstan that contacted us to realize an infographic poster about their mindmap. The wanted to show in a brief way what are their main skills and activies, outlining their best characteristics. 
In this case we tryed to express the double sides of the company: rationality through geometrical shapes and emotions and emotions through a huge use of color.
The final result was a white dominant poster with a minimal approach describing the four main areas of their activity. 
This project was realized thanks to the huge help of Elsa Rodrigues and Sfia Brajal
Client: Linkage & Mind [Kazakhstan]
Art direction: relajaelcoco
Size: Din A1
Billboard magazine infographics
the first one was published in the printed version of 15th of may of Billboard. Here follows some pictures about them. 

Client: Billboard [USA]
Art direction: relajaelcoco
Size: 6.5x12.5 inches
The Outpost illustrations
The Outpost is a huge Arab magazine realized in Lebanon, prized in 2012 as the best emerging magazine. They asked us to realize some infographic portraits about 5 different type of sectarianism in Arab countries. 

Client: The Outpost [Lebanon]
Art direction: rifle
Illustrations: relajaelcoco
Size: 20x26cm digital infographic
Origo is a new start up based in Madrid that want to develop a web project about opinions. The idea is to create a big container of opinions about products, brands, companies, people and activities. 
The asked us to create a digital infographic to explain how Origo works, on which principles is based and who is the staff of the project. 

Art direction: relajaelcoco
Size: 1024x8316px
Infographics miscellany

Infographics miscellany

An infographics' miscellany that collect some of our best works during 2013.


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