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    Here is a summary of what I talk about, who I have worked with, and some snippets...
Speaking About Making Ideas Happen

Ever since the publication of Making Ideas Happen in April 2010, I've been on the road talking about the execution of ideas. I've spoken at dozens of conferences and companies, and I've enjoyed every opportunity to shift the focus from "generate more ideas" to "making ideas actually happen." 
What Do I Talk About?

Great ideas only see the light of day when creative people and teams are able to get organized, harness the forces of community, and become better leaders of themselves and others. After years of research and experience organizing the creative world, my team and I have found a series of best practices common across some of the world's most productive creative people and teams.

My book, Making Ideas Happen, is all about this topic, and my goal is to share these insights and best practices with leaders and teams across industries. 
Who Have I Worked With?
I've participated in conferences, facilitated workshops, and consulted for all sorts of organizations. While most of my engagements are with companies, I have also worked with various departments in government.

While some of my engagements are confidential, here is a running list of conferences and example clients.

Conference Keynotes

Select Consulting/Advisor Clients

Snippets & Snapshots
Want To Work With Me? 
I love working with strong teams that want to optimize their performance and improve their ability to execute ideas. I've become a bit more selective these days when it comes to speaking engagements - and especially travel. However, I welcome you to get in touch with me at scott -at - belsky -dot - com.