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    The Kuthor School, an orphanage based in QingHai on the border of Tibet and China.
The Kuthor SchoolAn orphanage school in Qinghai province on the border of Tibet and China
The Kuthor School is an organization that I founded with my brother Alec Mackenzie, in the summer of 2008.
Along with the immense help of our school in Beijing, China (Western Academy of Beijing) and our close family and friends, The Kuthor School has benefited from everyone's support in ways we cannot imagine. 
started off raising money for the school through the sale of my paintings and photography, and along with my brothers passion for film we began to raise awareness of the Kuthor School's plight and the ways in which we wanted to help. Through formal presentations, art auctions and fundraising, The Kuthor School has raised $30,000 to date.
One of the most crucial aspects of fundraising is inspiring people from all different backgrounds to help. The Kuthor School has benefited from money raised by a Church Group in Australia, Girl Scouts in America, Elementary Student bake sales and individual donations from people around the world! 
The Kuthor School is located almost 5000 meters above sea level in a remote area of Qinghai province- a 4 day drive from the nearest airport. Although this area is geographically a part of China, the ethnic majority is Tibetan. With average temperatures falling as low as -5°C to -8°C, and an infant mortality rate of 1 to 3, the standard of living in this region is very low. Children typically end schooling at the age of 14, dedicating their time to working in the fields.  At the moment we are focusing on improving the children's means to education and proper sanitation , as well as access to general necessities such as clean water and electricity. Due to the remoteness of the school, access to these necessities are not always steadily accessible. 
Progress to date
Aspirations and goals
Kuthor School photos published in Western Academy of Beijing Photography Book. 
Article about The Kuthor School in Western Academy of Beijings online newsletter, LIANXIPassing down the legacy! Elementary school  students from WAB talk about The Kuthor School.
Interview about the Kuthor School on Blue Ocean Network 

Trying to copy my funny faces
Rosy wind chilled cheeks, and that is rice on her eye.
Singing a Tibetan song, with the Chinese flag right behind
Oil Paintings of the children at the Kuthor School. 
Apple of my Eye, 140 x 140 cm, Oil on Canvas
Beyond Nothing, 100 x 130 cm, Oil on Canvas
Karma, 150 x 100 cm, Oil on Canvas
Pieces, 100cm x 80 cm, Photo transfer and Oil on Canvas, 
Before photos
Children slept on cold floors and walls were made out of mud.
View of the old school
With the money earned from fundraising, new school foundations and dormitories were built.

New beds
T-Shirt design for The Kuthor School, by Hutong Dogs in Beijing, China. Made by the Senior class of 2011 at WAB. 
Two years later- This girls face is now famous! 
 My photographs from the Kuthor School displayed at Saratoga Coffee Traders in downtown Saratoga Springs, New York. 
Scarves knitted by the students, teachers and friends of Western Academy of Beijing. All scarves were sent to the children of the Kuthor School. 
Kuthor School Video made by my brother Alec Mackenzie and Renee Mao. Leaders of the 2011 Senior Legacy project at WAB.