Quoting from the press release:
"Yparxei Provlima Amalia
Kona Kai 
organized music from thessaloniki t23
C17 edition, 60 copies 
Kona Kai is a new release from Yparxei Provlima Amalia, a gonzo field recordist project from Athens, Greece. Following a lovely cdr album on Somehow Ecstatic records' One Day series last year that focused on the intersection of humans, tropical birds and crickets, this one draws its moments and energy from an actual road-trip, documented in a uniquely anecdotal manner. While the material is sourced from actual travel stops, conversations with friends and new experiences along the way, it is more significant that the work itself is brought to represent something of the odd nature of crossing through lines and borders and experiencing displacement. Lingering unto moments and returning all-too briefly to some of those fleeting memories that flicker through the human mind, there are many subtle nuances hidden between its all-too-brief tracks, rewarding those who choose to engage with it at face value.
Yparxei Provlima Amalia (http://flavors.me/ypa) was originally conceived as a performance DJ set orbiting around 45''s, field recordings and live phone calls. Her studio work is composed of recordings made on-the-go and others aimed at a certain subject just like a journalist conducts an interview. Conveying the sound colours of the surrounding rather than the details of it, conversation analysis, phone tapping and found objects are all tools for the re-production of these recordings. Sonic diaries written and told in an instantly odd manner.
For more info: 
organized music from thessaloniki – kkilymis@gmail.com / http://thesorg.noise-below.org/"