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    This piece is an advertisement for a non-existent art collective/studio.
This sign was created as an advertisement for a non-existent art studio that my friend and I are imagining.  We call the project "Volt Bolt" and we specialize in industrial themed art and reclaimed material sculpture.  Our saying, "In Rust We Trust" is a mantra and our catchy phrase for inspiring the viewer to think about what "Volt Bolt" may be.
The layout of this sign was unique for me, with two identical faces and the perimeter of lights to grab attention.
A pull chain switch provides a satisfying click sound.
It is constructed with 16g steel on which I printed a hand-drawn serigraph.  It is held together with rivets and self-drilling screws for servicability.
The lights actually blind the viewer in dark settings and make it difficult to make-out the text and design on the sign.  It still grabs attention but doesn't quite work well as a practical sign.  It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed blending printmaking and sculpture.