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Super Duper Dungeons & Dragons!

BEHOLD! Character design and scenes from my first foray into
the beautifully baffling world of D&D! Let's meet the gang!
Zardoth - Wood Elf Druid (Prefers being a beast)
Ermintrude - Dwarf Fighter (with a taste for Goblin ears)
Fire weed - A weed that, well just look...
Myptick The Myopic - Human Wizard who mysteriously disappears between sessions...
Ivo Zook - Half Elf Warlock who just wants to make friends really
Shuu & Krung - Elven Bard with his beloved potato
Dungeon Master!!!
Scene from our first battle in which Shuu made a goblin cry
The ride back to town after successfully clearing a Goblin hideout
Ivo bestows Xunts blessings to a new friend
The Icon of Xunt - Watch your fingers!
Hostage taking - Nothing to see here, townsfolk!
Ivo on the brink of death smites a woeful beast with Xunt's love
Mimitee - Manatee Warrior (couldn't make it to the party but wanted to say hello)
The last thing Glass Staff the Sorcerer saw...
Ivo the Warlock is bestowed with 'heavenly' visions from the mighty Xunt.
Zardoth repairs a birdtable to pacify a bothersome Banshee. Job well done!
Sleeping peacefully thanks to Myptiks spell, the evil Necromancer rolls over and farts while being hit by both Moonbeam and Arms of Hadar. 

Shuu's stage presence is heightened thanks to Zardoth finding
the awesome "Cape of Billowing" down an old well.
The mighty Ermintrude cleared a path through the Orc's den. Not even the Ogre stopped him... The party members, now sort of used to it, watched on as the body parts harvest began immediately after.
Myptik's mind reading ravings sway the towns folk into giving
a peace loving Orc a second chance in society. 
Zardoth in Giant Toad form gets some much needed healing after a Goblin onslaught!
Let's hope the party are well enough for the next wave...
Shuu the Bard vanquishes a Goblin Archer with the power of insult! 
After questioning what can be done with the recently harvested Doppleganger body parts, Zardoth commissions a magical utility helmet, The Enigmoid!
Ivo the Warlock accidentally stumbles into an unchecked room!
Double Grick!!! Hath Xunt forsaken him? 
Zardoth now proudly wearing 'The Enigmoid helmet' and brandishing the lightweight natural fury that is 'Feathershaft'... the Grick beak pauldrons and Owlbear feather are purely Druidic bling.
Ermintrude is ready for extra danger! Not only does he wield the mighty "Hens Tooth" Axe, he's now also cloaked by "Betty's Secret Garden" a cape that can blend him into rocky terrain, "Jerry's Boots" famed for aiding movement and also the exquisitely crafted pipe, "Smokey Puff Puff". ONWARDS! 
Rummage Inc. safely cross a cavern full of toxic fungi! Zardoth uses Mother Nature's own spore trapping measure of self urination... much to the disgust of everyone else.
Myptik can now venture into dungeons without party guidance thanks to his new Nightvision goggles! He's also learned how to summon a Familiar called Diggory Pokery the Celestial Voidling (Diggory for short) to help scout out ahead of them.
Bathing in the glow of twin fire streams, Zardoth is now fully convinced he's unstoppable. Will he continue down this reckless route? For Mother Nature (and magic items) he will stride boldly into any situation!
Shuu shows off his new adventuring apparel! He viscously mocks Dragon breath attacks thanks to his breastplate, "Dragonguard" and can perform feats of strength (like opening doors for Ermintrude) with the mighty "Gauntlets of Ogre Power"!
Ermintrude and Shuu manage to rescue Zardoth from a wave of Bugbears he stumbled into. A close call for Rummage Inc. but their courage and might (along with frenzied ability research) saved the day once again! 
Ivo Zook (and the rest of the party) have now reached level 5! He's now equipped with more wondrous items: The Pendant of Giant Speech, Wand of Magic Missile and many items of jewellery befitting such an imposing Warlock. FOR THE GLORY OF XUNT!
Rummage Inc. get their detective skills on! With a some smooth talking, mind reading, telepathy, shape shifting and heating of metal, they get to the bottom of a murder!
After a fierce battle with Fire Giants and mounted Orcs Zardoth notices casualties on the battlefield. Knowing another wave of enemies are inbound he quickly restores their vitality thanks to the life giving power of his magical helmet.
Rummage Inc ponder over the HUGE artifact the Fire Giants (deceased) were desperate to uncover... best to get it out of town before more monstrosities come looking!
Shuu creates the wonderful Tiny Hut for the adventurers to take shelter in. Ermintrude enjoys Smokey Puff Puff without choking the rest of the party. It's all too quiet...
Shuu is pinned in a forsaken area below a Hill Giant. Luckily a conjured Giant Spider is here to help. Hooray! Then the party kill everything in sight.
Ivo, our love struck Warlock, needs urgent help from the party when he's lured into a sewer under false pretences... he still thinks he's in with a chance.
Super Duper Dungeons & Dragons!

Super Duper Dungeons & Dragons!


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