Ringo is for seven to twelve year old children who start study on their own desks and chairs. 
When young kids sit on a normal desk and chair...
They would usually stay either one of the two above, which might harm their spine.
What if the backrest is able to move back and forth?
Small kids can sit properly with short seat depth, and tall kids with long seat depth.
These are the early sketches from the concept above.
Ringo can adjust not only the backrest height and seat depth
but also the armrests height at once by only moving armrests.
All dimensions of Ringo are based on certified data from Korean Agency for Technology and Standards.

1:1 scale mock up
My project team verified the dimension of Ringo while 7-year-old children were sitting on the 1:1 scale prototypes.
Feature #1: Adjustable Backrest
Ringo's backrest can be movable diabonally by side lever. It has four steps, and an indicator helps you recognizing the current step.
Feature #2: Replacable Backrest and Seat
Customers can disassemble the backrest and seat easily to change when it is polluted.
Feature #3: Closely Positioned Seat Height Lever
The seat height lever is closer to user than normal chairs, and it is for small children.
Feature #4: Lever for fixing the chair not to rotate
It helps children to keep their posture properly and safe.
Feature #5: Sit-Brake Casters
The Sit-brake casters work by frictional force from user's weight. When Children sit on the Ringo, it stops to move to concentrate on their study.
Feature #6: Optional Footrest
Small children under ten-year-old may hard to sit on the chair with normal desk. Optional footrest can help them and it can be detached easily.
Ringo passed several data of BIFMA test. Also, Ringo consists plastic most parts for weight reduction.
Ringo has two types of upholstery, mesh and artificial leather(PU).
Mesh gives ventilation and artificial leather provides easy cleaning.
Ringo matches weill in children's room. These photos are from users' blog.
To see the movement of Ringo, click this link, 


Release: August 2011 Market: South Korea, so far Price: approx. $200 http://us.aving.net/news/view.php?articleId=452389 Most children start to Read More