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    TEDxCairo - Collisions 2012 Artwork
Chapter I - The Explosion

For any collision to take place, there must be an unprecedented encounter between two elements, two people, two nations. At the heart of it, there must be an encounter between two ideas that were not meant to cross paths. Their exposition to each other is the first chapter of the story.
Chapter II - The Climax

Ideas are distinctly human. Everything human is relative; nothing is absolute. It is also social. Unanimous consensus will never occur, neither will isolation. At some point, any 2 ideas within the same sphere are bound to collide.

The nature of the collision is barely ever predictable. The outcome is never predictable. Once two ideas collide, neither will completely obliterate the other; and neither will remain the same…
Chapter III - The Resolution

The process of innovation is one marked by uncertainty. The world we live in: our surroundings, our thoughts and our actions all affect the outcome of any given ideo-collision.

Every friendship, every relationship; every war and alliance; every scientific discovery and philosophical theory is the result of collisions. Without collisions, there is no novelty.