Deepondé New Brand Identity & Product Design

Depth of Perfection, Deepondé
New Brand Identity & Product Design

May 2020 - ing

Deepondé is a lifestyle skincare brand designed to awaken the visceral beauty of individuals' inner depths, breaking away from the traditional expression of Oriental beauty and presenting a new standard of contemporary reinterpretation of oriental beauty based on tradition.

Brand Name 

The name “Deepondé,” consisting of two English words “Deep” and “Ponder,” captures the value of the philosophy behind the skincare brand Deepondé that conducts in-depth research for skin’s innate health and beauty.

Brand Core Value & Essence 

The core value of Deepondé represents the brand’s attitude and conviction toward customers. Deepondé approaches beauty slowly but surely via solid and in-depth research to resolve customers’ skin concerns in order to give honest efficacy that can bring balanced and harmonious change from deep within skin.

Brand Design Slogan & Principle

Deepondé is a cosmetic brand that brings better results based on in-depth research and deep thinking. The layered depth of cosmetic efficacy unique to Deepondé is delivered through the two keywords “Depth” and “Layer,” which are applied to the brand slogan and design for customers’ experience.

Brand Logo & Symbol

The logo type of Deepondé is designed using serif fonts, which express a sense of organic connection between each font, since the image of the brand is smooth and luxurious. A sense of soft connection between curves and straight lines is a visual metaphor of beauty as well as the delicate skin expression pursued by Deepondé.

Brand Color & Material 

The color and material of Deepondé were found from various natural and sculptural elements found in nature in the East. Elegantly subtle and warm, never artificial and cold, the texture of materials expresses the gentle, calming image of the East.

Key Visual

Based on the two keywords “Depth and Layer,” Deepondé uses distinctive patterns and images expressing natural elements as the brand’s key visual image. The design identity of the brand intuitively expresses the efficacy of products that gradually accumulates on layers of skin, especially through the image of gradual and delicate patterns dispersing on the grid.

Brand Typography

The designated font for Deepondé is classified into three types for customers to recognize the brand’s line and category easily, with the well-balanced grid system made up of the font, pattern, and image expressing the image of products unique to Deepondé.

Brand Experience 

Design Based on beauty with a sense of depth, the logo type, color, and graphic design are utilized as visual elements of the brand, so that customers can see, feel, and experience the brand Deepondé and its products through various applications.

Deepondé New Brand Identity & Product Design


Deepondé New Brand Identity & Product Design