It has been an amazing summer for me... I've spent most of the time travelling, I've managed to walk more than 900km. throughout all of the big Bulgarian mountains and I definetely don't feel like stopping now. However, as summer is taking it's last breath, I think that I've got the most of it. Now the time has come while enjoying the colors of the autumn to take a deep breath myself, relax and of course, with a bit of anticipation, prepare for the clean, silent winter.
I hope you like these moments :)
Sunset over Tevno Lake
A sunset over Tevno Lake in Pirin mountain, Bulgaria. You can see the red roof of the mountain hut on the left (2512m.) - one of the best places to sleep in the Bulgarian mountains.
The Pack
Having a high altitude lunch.
Sunset somewhere around Varvara, Bulgaria.
Cloud Gaiser
A night by Veleka River near Sinemorec, Bulgaria.
The Milky Way sky illuminated by a few small towns around Sopot, Bulgaria,
Sunrise over Tevno Lake
Tevno Lake located in Pirin mountain, Bulgaria. The mountain hut that you can see on the left is located at 2512m. above the sea level.
Veleka River
On the delta of Veleka river where it meets Black Sea near Sinemorec, Bulgaria.
Star gazing over Dzhendema - one of the oldest forests on the Balkans.
Sunrise over Maliovitza Peak
Sunrise over Maliovitza peak (2,729m) in Rila mountain, Bulgaria.
Sunset over one of the most beautiful parts of the Balkan Mountains, righ above Dobrila hut.
Daily Nightly
A clear night above Strashnoto Lake in Rila Mountain, Bulgaria. You can see the shelter on the right of the shot. 2465m.
Sunset over Strashnoto Lake in Rila Mountain, Bulgaria. You can see the shelter on the left of the shot. 2465m.
Thank you!